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Products & Services

Products & Services

The products and services we offer are aimed at protecting sensitive electronics and telecommunication equipments, plant and machinery. Where the business ability to continue trading would be seriously jeopardized in the event of fire.

The range of fire fghting products and services include supply, installation, and maintenance of:-

Portable Fire Extinguisher

We stock a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers in a wide variety of sizes to suit each individual fire risk. The extinguishers are color coded for case of identification.

Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems

This includes:
1. Sprinkler Systems - ideal for stores, basement parking lots, and ware houses
2. Hydrant Systems - can also incorporate foam unit for burning liquids
3. Total Flooding Fire Supression Systems - Ideal for use in sensitive electronics and Computers I.T. Server Rooms.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

This ranges from simple fire detection and control panel to large intelligent multi panel network systems. Our products come with a wide range of purpose made hardware and software for all commercial and industrial sites programmed to meet user needs.